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Advanced technologies for higher standards

The quality of our products comes from the quality of our designs. The prototypes of each tracked aerial platform are created and refined and perfected by our specialists with the help of the latest technology, in collaboration with prestigious university institutes and leading engineering companies.

Research and development, the key to climbing to the top

Research and Development is at the core of our growth and competitive advantage. Our team is always looking for innovative solutions regarding product evolution and optimisation of production processes, in order to meet and anticipate the demands of users of our tracked aerial platforms. Dedicated research projects on high-strength materials have allowed us to reduce the weight of our machines and improving their performance, reliability and versatility.

Self Control System by CMC, the autopilot for aerial platforms

People who use our aerial platforms trust us not only with the success of their work, but also, and above all, with their safety. That’s why we dedicate all our efforts to provide the best control technology. The Self Control System by CMC has been designed to ensure maximum simplicity and reliability in the use of CMC spider lift and to reduce human error. The electronic system automatically performs a series of crucial operations , such as:


and levelling


automatic closure of
the aerial part with
a single button


control of movement
and speed of the booms


Self-diagnosis and
failure warning

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