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F Series

Full Hydraulic

Fully hydraulic
Simple and intuitive controls
Easy to transport and to maintain
A family of fully hydraulic spider platforms, with working heights from 42ft to 60ft, offering a particularly simple and intuitive control system which allows almost immediate use of the machine even by less experienced users.If we add to these the extreme versatility for outdoor and indoor use, the minimal overall dimensions when closed,
the ease of transport on a trailer or small van, thanks to the light operating weight, and to the ease of maintenance, it's easy to understand why the CMC F Series platforms are the perfect choice for the fleet of any rental company.

CMC platform applications

Renovation works

even in places with difficult access such as places of worship, historical buildings, hotels, and shopping centres.

Facilities management

mainly in restricted traffic areas or in locations with limted access for truck-mounted platforms.

Pruning tall trees

and even operating in tight spaces inside private homes on particularly delicate turf.

  • Painting
  • Restoration of monuments
  • Special cleaning
  • Installation of solar panels
  • Bridge maintenance and inspection
  • Sign installation
  • Management of large advertising installations
  • Maintenance in amusement parks
  • Roof and gutter maintenance
  • Installation and maintenance of electrical systems
  • Maintenance of sheds and industrial plants
Can't find your application?

CMC F series crawler aerial platforms:

Fully hydraulic, simply perfect, also for hire


Lightweight and multifunctional, equipped with a two-stage telescopic boom and jib (90° ), the 42F is the smallest platform in the entire CMC range and the most compact in its category, but it is second to none when it comes to work in difficult conditions and limited spaces.

Max. working height42.3 ft
Max. outreach27.8 ft
Total weight3450 lbs


Geometric platform without outreach limiting device, with pantograph and single telescopic extension boom plus jib. It offers excellent performance in all types of work, thanks to a compact stabilisation area that provides maximum stability even on the most difficult of surfaces.

Max. working height48.5 ft
Max. outreach28.5 ft
Total weight5242.5 lbs


Equipped with a single pantograph and a two- stage telescopic boom plus jib, mechanically adjustable tracks in height and width and with an impressive lateral outreach, this is a multipurpose aerial platform with amazing performance which fully meets the needs of the both end user and rental company.

Max. working height58.3 ft
Max. outreach36.5 ft
Total weight5500 lbs

Discover the benefits of CMC F Series aerial platforms

Ease of transport

Thanks to their low weight, CMC F-series hydraulic platforms can be carried on a small van or on a trailer


The full hydraulic system of the CMC F series platforms makes them not only easy to use, but also simple to maintain, making them particularly resistant to wear over time.

Ease of use

The hydraulic proportional control system is easy and intuitive, which reduces the training time required to properly operate the CMC F-series hydraulic platforms. Manoeuvrability is also facilitated by the ability to operate the telescopic boom with the jib in the rest position.