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HD+ Series
Heavy Duty+

Max. working height 99.4 ft
Max. outreach 50.5 ft
Total weight 9413.7 lbs

Aerial Platform 100HD+
Main features

A bundle of power and technology capable of performing in any application. It has four stabilisation areas, two working areas and climbing outriggers
for working on all types of terrain and reaching even the most difficult spots with its maximum working height of 99,4 ft, lateral outreach of 50,5 ft and the abillity to work in negative down to -21,9 ft.

The numbers of the CMC 100HD+

99,4 ft
Max. working height

507 lbs
Max. load in basket

+/- 200°
(400° continuous)

Turret rotation

50,5 ft
Max. outreach with 176,3 lbs

5,57 x 2,29 x 3,6 ft
Basket dimensions

9413,7 lbs
Total weight

92,8 ft
Platform height

Basket rotation

-21,9 ft
Possibility of working in negative

Discover the advantages of the HD+ Series

Ease of transport

As high in performance as they are low in weight and compact in size, the CMC HD+ DP series aerial spider platforms are self-loading and easy to transport by truck, and are also designed to fit through a standard door.


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