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aerial platforms

Our job is to build tracked aerial platforms.
Our mission is to continuously improve their quality
by investing in research, innovation and technology.

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Six families of
high-performance tracked
aerial platforms

A wide range of spider aerial platforms divided into six different families, with working heights from 13m to 41m, to meet the different needs of their users.

F Series

Full Hydraulic

The family of fully hydraulic spider aerial platforms with working heights from 13m to 18m.

HD Series

Heavy Duty

Great strength and maximum agility characterize this series of spider platforms equipped with pantograph and telescopic arm with working heights from 19m and 22m.

LC Series

Light and Compact

Reduced weight and maximum compactness for this series of tracked aerial platforms with double pantograph with working heights from 15m to 23m

DP Series

Double Performance

Performance squared for this series of spider platforms with double boom and jib with working heights from 27m, 30m and 32m.

XL Series

Extra Large

The largest of the CMC spiders with a maximum working height of 41m and lateral outreach of up to 19m

i Series


The new insulated platforms up to 46 kV, indispensable for work near high voltage lines.

Specialised in satisfying
special requests

We like to challenge ourselves. In particular when it comes to customer satisfaction. From construction to tree care, from plant maintenance to refurbishment, every professional knows that in our range of tracked aerial platforms they can find a solution for their specific needs.


Innovation and technology are the core of what we do to raise the quality of our spider aerial platforms.



We are the leaders in our field because of the quality of our products and the efficiency of our services.

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