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CMC's S18F completes the family of hydraulic platforms proposed by the Italian manufacturer CMC, succeeding in the arduous task of having small dimensions and high performance, suitable for different work applications.

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Presented together with the other two smaller sisters (S13F and S15F) of the F-Series family at Bauma 2019, it has quickly become the number one choice in the compact AWP segment, thanks to a series of benefits that guarantee a high return on investment for those who choose it as their "colleague".

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First and foremost, we start with the S18F's consistent 11.15-meter side working outreach, the longest in the market on machines within 18 meters, while still weighing less than 2500 kg.

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The high performance of S18F is the result of CMC's choice to use only high-strength steels for the production of this spider. It allows a thinner gauge, but without compromising the compactness of the platform and without sparing anything in terms of the rigidity of the components. This choice significantly increases the level of performance that S18F can give in each of the working applications.

Referring precisely to the applications, here are the jobs for which S18F by CMC is best suited:

  • Pruning;
  • Paintings;
  • Renovations;
  • Cleaning;
  • Laying photovoltaic panels;
  • Application of advertising signs;
  • Installation and maintenance of electrical systems;
  • Bridge maintenance;
  • Amusement parks maintenance;
  • Hotel maintenance;
  • Roof and gutter maintenance;
  • Shopping center maintenance.

The main destination of use for this platform is that of the rental market, and precisely to ensure ease of use for this type of user, with S18F it is possible to maneuver the telescopic boom with the jib closed at rest, a distinctive feature compared to its direct competitors, who must first operate the jib, in order to then be able to maneuver the boom of the platform.

Moreover, the choice of positioning the engine below the S18F's tank favors its longevity, in addition to facilitating access in cases of inspection and routine maintenance of the same and protecting it from water and debris to which it would be exposed in case of different positioning.

Finally, CMC's S18F remains the most efficient solution for the most heterogeneous professional figures:

  • Renters;
  • Dealers;
  • Private users;
  • Gardeners;
  • Nurserymen;
  • Farms;
  • Electricians;
  • Painters;
  • Cleaning companies;
  • Construction companies;
  • Restorers;
  • Designers, architects, and engineers;
  • Apartment house administrators.

Agile, versatile, and easy to use, CMC S18F is the right choice for professionals looking for an efficient working tool or for renters wishing to quickly maximize their return on investment.

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