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On the occasion of Bauma, CMC will present to customers and stakeholders a new range of crawlers platforms. These are three fast and easy-to-maneuver platforms that go right into the end user marketplace but also into the rental market. Three platforms that in the name will be characterized by the letter “F” as proof of the friendly use and maintenance.

We are talking about the new S13F, the most compact platform of its kind. A telescopic platform (12.9 meters of maximum working height and 9 meters outreach) that combining technology and first choice materials will really make the difference in the marketplace. The reduced weight (1400 kg) and the extreme compactness make it practically unstoppable. It can be easily transported on a trailer with a B-E license and is a valid alternative to the platform mounted on a truck.

Not to be underestimated is also the new S15F which joins the current S15 and does not replace it. The new S15 (geometric platform with a maximum load of 200 kg in the basket) reaches a maximum working height of 15 meters and an outreach of 8.2 meters. Strong in its simplicity of use and unrivaled handling, it is ready to outperform the competition. It is a platform articulated with a pantograph and a telescopic arm. The adjustable track in height and width makes it easily usable on any terrain while thanks to its 2260 kg weight it is easily transportable on a trailer with B-E license.

With the S18F end the new “F” range, but not the innovations that will be presented at the Bauma exibition. S18F is a concentration of technology and power (17.9 meters of maximum working height and 9.7 m outreach). Articulated platform with pantograph and telescopic arm, the new CMC S18F is of course the lightest in its category (2390 kg in weight) and can be transported on a trailer with B-E license.

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