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DP Series

Double Performance

Low weight
Long lateral outreach
Negative working capability
A family of true champions that offers incredible performance. This is the result of their low weight, which is made possible by the choice of high- performance materials, the outstanding manoeuvrability, with the automatic control system so advanced technologically but very simple and intuitive to use and the multiple stabilisation areas which are electronically controlled. All these characteristics make them efficient to work in any conditions.
Available in three versions, with the working heights of 27m, 30m and 32m, all with double telescopic boom and jib, they are able to reach anywhere thanks to their long lateral outreach and also the ability to work in negative.

CMC platforms applications

Renovation works

even in places with difficult access such as places of worship, historical buildings, hotels, and shopping centres.

Facilities management

mainly in restricted traffic areas or in locations that are difficult for truck-mounted platforms.

Pruning tall trees

and even operating in tight spaces inside private homes and on particularly delicate turf.

  • Painting
  • Restoration of monuments
  • Special cleaning
  • Installation of solar panels
  • Bridge maintenance and inspection
  • Sign installation
  • Management of large advertising installations
  • Maintenance in amusement parks
  • Roof and gutter maintenance
  • Installation and maintenance of electrical systems
  • Maintenance of sheds and industrial plants
Can't find your application?

CMC DP Series tracked aerial platforms:

Double telescopic boom, high technology, high performance squared


This platform has compact design and high-performance capabilities: 27.3m working height, 15.4m of horizontal outreach and the ability to work in negative, down to -6.7m.

Max. working height27.3 m
Max. outreach15.4 m
Total weight4109 kg


A bundle of power and technology capable of performing in any application. It has four stabilisation areas, two working areas and climbing outriggers for working on all types of terrain and reaching even the most difficult spots with its maximum working height of 30.3m

Max. working height30.3 m
Max. outreach15.4 m
Total weight4285 kg


Astonishing numbers for this aerial platform capable of reaching the height of 32 metres, but also able to work down to -3.2 metres below the level of the platform, all with the guarantee of an automatic guidance and control system, one of the most advance technology developed by CMC. The machine has an incredibly compact body design, the tracks that can be adjusted in height and width, and is self-loading.

Max. working height32 m
Max. outreach16 m
Total weight7255 kg

Discover the advantages of CMC DP series tracked aerial platforms

Ease of transport

As high in performance as they are low in weight and compact in size, CMC's DP series aerial spider platforms are self-loading and easy to transport by truck, and are also designed to fit through a standard door.

Versatility of use

With their exceptional working height, long outreach, ability to work in negative, high levelling and stabilisation capacity and the support of the automatic guidance and control system, the CMC DP series aerial platforms can go anywhere and operate in all conditions.

Ease of use

The DP series platforms are equipped with
the Self Control System developed by CMC,
the electronic system that automatically
carries out a series of operations such as
stabilisation, levelling, speed and smoothness
control of the booms and the closing of the
aerial part.