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Electrically insulated up to 46 kV
Compact size
High technological content
Safety reaches the highest peaks with the "i" series spider platforms insulated up to 46 kilovolts, born from in-depth studies on electrical risk and the desire to ensure maximum efficiency and protection for those working on or near high-voltage lines. The one-man basket made of fiberglass, as well as the insulators positioned on the aerial part,
combined with the use of special materials like oil and tube, both non-conductive, allow to minimize the risk of electrocution for the operator. Added to this are the technological advantages that a latest-generation CMC platform can offer, such as the the automatic execution of the platform's control and stabilization operations.

Applications of CMC i-series platforms

Power lines maintenance

Repair and maintenance work on medium and high voltage cables and pylons

Management and maintenance of industrial sites

In particular, plants for the production of electrical energy

Pruning of tall trees

Where it is necessary to work near high voltage lines

  • Painting
  • Restoration of monuments
  • Special cleaning
  • Installation of solar panels
  • Bridge maintenance and inspection
  • Sign installation
  • Management of large advertising installations
  • Maintenance in amusement parks
  • Roof and gutter maintenance
  • Installation and maintenance of electrical systems
  • Maintenance of sheds and industrial plants
Can't find your application?

CMC i-series tracked aerial platforms:

Maximum performance, minimum electrical risk.


The CMC i23 is a double pantograph geometric platform with the largest unrestricted outreach in its class. With its 23-metre working height, three stabilisation areas and automatic stabiliser levelling, it can perform at its best in any conditions.

Max. working height22.80 m
Max. outreach10 m
Total weight3930 kg

Discover the advantages of CMC i series tracked aerial platforms

Maximum protection against electrical risks

Thanks to their fiberglass basket, the special insulating arms and the use of special non-conductive components, the CMC "i" series platforms are insulated up to 46 kilovolts.

Ease of transport

As high in performance as they are low in weight and compact in size, the CMC "i" series platforms are self-loading and easily transportable on trailers.

Versatility of use

The "i" series platforms are equipped with the latest generation radio control and the Self Control System by CMC that automatically performs stabilization and leveling operations, control of the fluidity and speed of the booms, and closing of the aerial part.