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LC Series
Light and Compact

Max. working height 14.9 m
Max. outreach 6.9 m
Total weight 1820 kg

Aerial Platform S15
Main features

It is the most compact geometric platform without outreach limiter in its class. It’s ideal for use inside large facilities such as airports or large shopping centres.

The numbers of the CMC S15

14,9 m
Max. working height

230 kg
Max. capacity in basket

+/- 178°
(356° non-continuous)
Turret rotation

6,9 m
Max. reach with 230 kg

1,4 x 0,7 x 1,1 m
Basket dimensions

1820 Kg
Total weight

12,9 m
Platform height

Basket rotation

Discover the advantages of the LC family

Ease of transport

Thanks to their low weight (under 3,000 kg) the spider CMC LC series aerial platforms can be carried on trailer.


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