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F Series
Full Hydraulic

Max. working height 14.8 m
Max. outreach 8.7 m
Total weight 2378 kg

Aerial Platform S15F
Main features

Geometric platform without any outreach-limiting device, with pantograph and single telescopic extension boom plus jib. It offers excellent performance in all types of work, thanks to a compact stabilisation area that provides maximum stability even on the most difficult of surfaces.

The numbers of the S15F

14.8 m
Max. working height

200 kg
Max. capacity in basket

+/- 178°
(356° non-continuous)

Turret rotation

8.7 m
Max. reach with 200 kg

1,4 x 0,7 x 1,1 m
Basket dimensions

2350 kg
Total weight

12,8 m
Platform height

Basket rotation

Discover the advantages of the F Series

Ease of transport

Thanks to their low weight, CMC F-series hydraulic platforms can be carried on a small van or on a trailer


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